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Undergraduate Evening & Online Catalog 2014-2015 
Undergraduate Evening & Online Catalog 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

GREL 4003 - Christian Values & Biblical Faith

3 Credit Hours

This course is designed to assist students in determining what it means to live out Christian values in light of the biblical metanarrative, and in particular the life of Christ. Attention will be given to contemporary cultural contexts and to current social/ethical issues. Throughout the course sound critical thinking skills will be emphasized. The course will culminate in an assignment in which students articulate their life mission and vocation in the light of their particular values.

Prerequisite: GREL 1013 ; Senior Standing
  • Main: Fall, B Term; Spring, B Term; Summer B Term.
  • Online: Fall, B Term; Spring, B Term; Summer, B Term. 
  • Orlando: Fall and Summer, A Term.
  • Wellington: Fall, B Term; Spring, B Term; Summer, B Term.


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