Mar 21, 2023  
Undergraduate Day Catalog 2021-2022 
Undergraduate Day Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics and Computer Science


  • Lawrence Burgee, Ph.D.
  • Marsha Nicol Guntharp, Ph.D.

Associate Professors

  • Stephen Selby, Ed.D., Chair of Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Michael Kolta, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors

  • Donna L. Fowler, Ed.D.
  • Tom Fowler, Ph.D.
  • James Swick, M.S.

THE DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTER SCIENCE offers a major and minor in Mathematics, a major and minor in Computer Science, a major in Computer Information Systems, and a dual major in Mathematics and Computer Science.

The major in Mathematics is designed to be excellent preparation for a career in business, industry, research, or mathematics education. With training in mathematics, a graduate has a competitive advantage in securing employment in analytical professions such as accounting, financial analysis, and actuarial science. Also, the mathematics major acquires training in reasoning skills, which serve well in winning admittance to professional schools of medicine and law. In addition, those students with the talent and determination for graduate work in mathematics will be well served by the preparation they receive in the major at PBA. The Department also offers a major in Mathematics/Secondary Education (6-12), as well as the mathematics courses necessary for the major in Elementary Education grades 1-6.

Computer science (CS) spans the range from theory through programming to cutting-edge development of computing solutions. Computer science offers a foundation that permits graduates to adapt to new technologies and new ideas. The work of computer scientists falls into three categories: a) designing and building software; b) developing effective ways to solve computing problems, such as storing information in databases, sending data over networks or providing new approaches to security problems; and c) devising new and better ways of using computers and addressing particular challenges in areas such as robotics, computer vision, or digital forensics.

Computer Information Systems is a multi-discipline field that brings together Computer Science and Business Administration. This program provides the basic Computer Science knowledge and the core concepts from Business Administration. Graduating students are well prepared, with necessary technical and managerial skills, to succeed as Systems Analysts and Computers Support Experts in information systems developments and operations.