May 25, 2020  
Undergraduate Day Catalog 2015-2016 
Undergraduate Day Catalog 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English/Secondary Education Degree Plan (Entering & Transfer Students - Odd Fall)

133 Credit Hours

The mission of the dual major in English and Secondary Education is to prepare highly competent, pre-service English Secondary Education teachers for diverse classrooms through academic and clinical experiences. Students entering in the Fall of even-numbered years should speak to their English Department advisor regarding specific changes from this degree plan.

NOTE: The required course ENG 3313 - Dramatic Literature  must be taken in an Odd Fall.

Semester 1 - 18 Credit Hours

Semester 2 - 16 Credit Hours


*Must have successfully completed First Screening in order to take these courses.

**Students who take ENG 3773 - Women & Literature  (offered in Even Falls) may select an alternate required course in Semester 5 instead of ENG 3443 - Literature of American Minorities  (offered in Odd Falls). Only one of those two courses is required for the English Secondary Education degree.


Student must have successfully passed 1st screening to take EDU 4042  and EDU 43110 .

Foreign Language Requirement

English majors are required to successfully complete (with a final grade of C- or higher):

  • one intermediate foreign language course (3 credit hours), OR
  • two elementary foreign language courses in one or more foreign languages (6 credit hours), OR
  • one elementary and one intermediate foreign language course (6 credit hours).

Note: No CLEP, AP, IB, or transient study credits may be used to fulfill this requirement. These credits must be fulfilled at PBA. English majors taking classes at PBA in French, German, or Spanish to meet the language requirement for the major may count this as their Global Studies option.