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Graduate & Pharmacy Catalog - 2018 - 2019 
Graduate & Pharmacy Catalog - 2018 - 2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Doctor of Pharmacy/Masters of Business Administration Joint Degree

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Program Goals & Objectives

The goal of the Pharm.D/M.B.A. Joint Degree program is to educate and develop students in the skills critical to be able to assume responsibilities as executives and managers in the pharmaceutical industry and in health care environment.The program is directed toward providing didactic and experiential education to students that will allow them to: (1) understand the major functional areas in managing healthcare organizations and patient care systems; and, (2) design and implement strategies and policies that produce effective management practices within changing health care environments.

Program Description

This program leads to a single degree (Pharm.D/M.B.A.) awarded jointly by the Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy and the Rinker School of Business. No degree is awarded until the student completes the entire program and meets all requirements of the Pharm.D/ M.B.A. joint degree. Candidates must first secure entrance into the Doctor of Pharmacy degree program in the School of Pharmacy. After successful completion of the first year of professional pharmacy coursework and the pre-requisite business courses required for prospective M.B.A. students, pharmacy students may apply to the Rinker School of Business for admission to the Pharm.D/M.B.A. joint degree program. Upon admission to the joint degree program, students continue in the Pharm.D. curriculum while also completing the business course requirements.

The approximate time required to complete all professional and graduate coursework is five years. Degree requirements for the joint program include 142 credits of pharmacy professional coursework, 12 credits of foundational business courses, and 36 credits of graduate business coursework. The following 15 credits of professional pharmacy coursework are also needed to complete the joint Pharm.D./M.B.A. degree.

Experiential Rotation in Pharmacy Management
(select one of the following)

  • PRX 4266   Institutional Administration Elective Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience
  • PRX 4286   Community Administration Elective Advanced Practice Experience


Pharmacy Coursework Applied to the M.B.A.

Note: The Pharm.D./M.B.A. joint degree program is not open to students who have already earned either one of the degrees.

Pharm.D./M.B.A. Admission Requirements

Admission to Pharm.D./M.B.A. joint degree program is very selective. In reviewing applications, the Admissions Committee of the Rinker School of Business looks for evidence of intellectual ability, managerial promise and community involvement. Strong interpersonal skills, communication ability, motivation, maturity, career focus and leadership potential are also important qualities in prospective students. Pharmacy students should express their interest in this program during the first professional year and seek the advice of their advisor, the Director of the Pharm.D./M.B.A. program, the Assistant/Associate Dean for Academics of the School of Pharmacy, and the Chair of the Graduate Programs in the Rinker School of Business.

Application Process:

  1. Student must first apply and gain admission to the Pharm.D. program.
  2. Student will meet with the Director of the PharmD/MBA program, the Assistant/Associate Dean for Academics, and the Chair Graduate Programs - Rinker School of Business for advisement and guidance during their first year of pharmacy school.
  3. Any time after the successful completion of the P1 year, student must submit the  Pharm.D./M.B.A. Application form (must log into myPBA before accessing the link) to the Director of the PharmD/MBA program and the Chair of Graduate Programs – Rinker School of Business indicating that the student is in good academic standing and possesses academic ability and professional bearing sufficient to succeed in the program.
  4. Submit all of the above documents (including transcripts) to the Registrar.*
  5. Student completes all Foundational (12 pre-requisite credits) for the MBA program including:
  6. Once permission has been granted by the Registrar, student may register for classes.

* A proposed schedule illustrating the academic plan and expected time of completion, along with all transcripts (student copy is permissible), must be attached to the completed Pharm.D/M.B.A. Application. 

** Pre-pharmacy prerequisites may meet these course requirements.

NOTE: The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is no longer required for admission to the program.

Course Scheduling

There are a variety of scheduling options for successfully completing the Pharm.D/M.B.A. joint degree coursework. The time required will depend upon the student’s initiative in scheduling business courses while still completing pharmacy courses.

Curriculum Requirements

A grade of at least “C” and a GPA of at least 2.0 on a four-point scale is required for “successful” completion of all pharmacy and graduate business coursework.

Gregory School of Pharmacy Coursework

Required 1st Year Courses - 35.5 Credit Hours

Required 2nd Year Courses - 32 Credit Hours

Required 3rd Year Courses - 32.5 Credit Hours

Approved Pharmacy Electives - 2 Credit Hours

Select one of the following, to be taken any time prior to the fourth year of study. Students should consult with their academic advisor for assistance in determining the most appropriate course and semester of study.

  • ACG 2013 - Financial Accounting 3 Credit Hours*
  • ACG 2023 - Managerial Accounting 3 Credit Hours*
  • BIB 2053 - Evangelism and Apologetics 3 Credit Hours*
  • BUR 3143 - E-Commerce 3 Credit Hours*
  • CCS 3013 - Cultural Competence and Ethnography 3 Credit Hours*
  • CCS 4033 - Cross-Cultural Understandings of Illness and Health 3 Credit Hours*
  • MLS 2043 - Spiritual Formation 3 Credit Hours*
  • MLS 2413 - Principles of Christian Leadership 3 Credit Hours*
  • MLS 3093 - Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness for Ministry 3 Credit Hours*
  • NUR 4333 - End of life issues and concepts 3 Credit Hours*
  • PRX 359X - Independent Study 1, 2, 3, or 4 Credit Hours 
  • PRX 3012 - Topics in Veterinary Medicine 2 Credit Hours
  • PRX 3032 - Coaching for Health and Wellness 2 Credit Hours
  • PRX 3527 - Contemporary Topics in Pharmacy Practice 2 Credit Hours
  • SPN 1003 - Spanish for the Non-Speaking Pharmacy Professional 3 Credit Hours*
  • NUR 5013 - Faith and Science 3 Credit Hours*
  • PRX 3242 - Lifestyle and Health 2 Credir Hours
  • PRX 3592 - Independent Study in Advanced Compounding Topics 2 Credit Hours

* Please see the Undergraduate Day Catalog for course descriptions, which will detail prerequisites and course availability.

Required 4th Year Courses - 42 Credit Hours

In addition to the required PharmD APPEs, the PharmD/MBA student must select one of the following elective APPE experiences:


PRX 4266 Institutional Administration Elective APPE

PRX 4286 Community Administration Elective APPE

Elective Rotations - 18 Credit Hours

Select one of the following Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) courses:

Rinker School of Business Coursework

Foundational Business Courses - 12 Credit Hours

These courses may be taken concurrently with the Graduate Business Courses.

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