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Undergraduate Evening and Online Catalog 2021-2022 
Undergraduate Evening and Online Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dual Degree - ORL to LDR B.S./M.S.

141 Credit Hours

The Dual Degree Program is a combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree for highly motivated adult students who desire to earn both a B.S. in Organizational Leadership (ORL) and an M.S. in Leadership (LDR) within a single accelerated program. This program provides qualified students a faster, more cost-effective avenue to complete their degrees, an earlier entry into the workforce and a competitive edge in their professional lives.

The Dual Degree combines two accelerated degree programs, allowing students to complete both degrees in the shortest time possible. Those accepted into the Dual Degree will be allowed to begin the Master’s program after completing 108 hours (rather than the required 120), given all General Education and ORL Major course requirements have been completed. Within the Dual Degree program, the first four (4) courses in the Master’s program will count toward the completion of the undergraduate degree.

Students should consult with their academic advisor to determine if the Dual Degree program would benefit them.A student may request to be a Dual Degree Candidate at any time, if he or she has at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, but cannot officially apply for acceptance into the Dual Degree program until they have completed the first four courses in the ORL Major.

Admissions Criteria

  1. Possess a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 in student’s total program at PBA.
  2. Obtain a GPA of 3.5 based on the first four courses in the ORL Major:
  3. Complete the Dual Degree Application packet with a written letter of recommendation from an ORL professor.
  4. Provide a writing sample of a previously submitted research oriented paper from one of the ORL courses.

Regular tuition rates apply, dependent upon course division (ie: undergraduate tuition for undergraduate courses).

Within the Dual Degree program, the first five courses in the Master’s program will count toward the completion of the undergraduate elective credits needed for the degree. Then, Dual Degree students will continue through the final seven Master’s level courses to receive the Bachelor degree in Organizational Leadership and the Master degree in Leadership. Students will receive the B.S. degree in Organizational Leadership and the M.S. in Leadership at the same time.

In the event a student is unable to complete the program, any graduate-level courses completed will be counted as elective credits toward the undergraduate degree.

Note: Students must complete 120 hours to earn the undergraduate degree.

Students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA in order to remain in the Dual Degree program.

Program Learning Outcomes

“Expected student learning outcomes specify the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes students are expected to attain in courses or in a program.” Page 69. Resource Manual for the Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), 2018.

1. Students will experience a positive life transformation during their time in the ORM program that prepares them to taking on organizational management or leadership positions.

2. Students will become practiced in the conventions of Standard Written English, including proficiency in grammar, mechanics, and syntax, and demonstrate proficiency in applying them to common forms of business documentation and their formatting.  In addition, students will be able to use critical thinking to determine audience expectations, as well as recognize the purpose and basic requirements of various rhetorical situations before beginning to write.

3. Identify, clarify, and develop the student’s personal leadership style.

4. Students will be able to interpret financial statements to select the healthier of two competing firms.

5. Students will be able to demonstrate competency in discussing the advantages and disadvantages of individual versus group decision-making.

6. Students will understand leadership theory and concepts and develop their own unique leadership philosophy to guide leadership practice

7. Students will develop leadership competencies in areas of needs assessment, strategic planning, organizational change, multicultural competencies and the building of effective teams

8. Students will experience personal, professional and spiritual transformation over the course of the LDR program

9. Students will develop skills of effective communication by writing at the Master’s level using appropriate APA guidelines and making effective presentations

10. Students will demonstrate knowledge of Christian values and ethics in the leadership of organizations

Dual Degree - ORL to LDR (B.S./M.S.) Curriculum Requirements

General Education Requirements - 45 Credit Hours

All General Education courses must be completed prior to beginning the Organizational Leadership (ORL) major courses OR the student must be registered for any outstanding General Education courses prior to beginning the ORL major courses.

Global Studies Requirement: Organizational Leadership majors fulfill the General Education Global Studies requirement through major study (ORL 4043 ).

Required Undergraduate ORL Major Courses - 36 Credit Hours

Students in the accelerated Dual Degree program must complete the required Organizational Leadership major courses. In addition, a student must have completed all General Education courses prior to taking graduate level coursework.

ORL Elective Courses - 16 Credit Hours

These courses may be taken online, on-ground, or may be satisfied through Professional Education Credits. Please refer to the Academic Policies  for more information about PEC credits.

Required Graduate LDR Major Courses - 36 Credit Hours

A student can only take one graduate course per subterm (two per semester). See Degree Plan below for suggested course sequence.

Concentrations (One is required)

Organizational Leadership Concentration – 9 Credit Hours

Conflict Resolution and Mediation Concentration – 9 Credit Hours

  • COM 2043 – Civil Discourse and Civil Disobedience 3 Credit Hours
  • COM 3403 – Conflict Resolution 3 Credit Hours
  • COM 4403 – Negotiation and Mediation Strategies 3 Credit Hours

Healthcare Leadership Concentration – 9 Credit Hours

  • ENUR 4203 - Healthcare Leadership & Management 3 Credit Hours
  • ENUR 4343 - Healthcare Policy: Economic and Ethical Analysis 3 Credit Hours
  • NUR 5113 - Leadership in Organizations & Systems 3 Credit Hours

Hospitality Leadership Concentration – 12 Credit Hours

Public Service Leadership Concentration – 12 Credit Hours

  • 3 Credit Hour(s)
  • ORL 3283 - Mediating Organizational Conflict 3 Credit Hours
  • ORL 3xx3 – Public Service Leadership 3 Credit Hours
  • ORL 4xx3 – Governmental Policy and Relations 3 Credit Hours
  • ORL 4xx3 – Finance for Public Service Leaders 3 Credit Hours


All LDR courses are offered both onground and online.