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Undergraduate Evening and Online Catalog 2021-2022 
Undergraduate Evening and Online Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Certificate in Bible

The Certificate in Bible at Palm Beach Atlantic University invites non-degree seeking students to deepen their understanding of Scripture and Christian thought through academic study so that they might experience personal Christian growth and be better equipped to teach the Bible to others.

Program Structure:

Students can complete the Certificate in Bible within a single academic year by taking one course at a time.  Students complete courses in an entirely online setting (Fall through Spring). 

The required curriculum is composed of three-credit hour courses offered during eight-week subterms.  Online courses are delivered electronically through the University’s Learning Management System.   Each online course is primarily, although not entirely, asynchronous.  Students view lessons and complete assignments at the time of their choosing within stated course deadlines, which typically follow a weekly rhythm.  Each online course also requires students to attend several synchronous virtual class sessions through designated technology.  Generally for each 8-week course, students should expect to attend two or three of these live virtual meetings on designated days and times, which are published in advance. Students commit to these online meeting days and times during the course registration process. 


Certificate in Bible Requirements

12 Credit Hours

Note: Courses for students who are enrolled in the fully online program may be coded with an E-prefix (for example: EMIN 1003 rather than MIN 1003).


Required Certificate in Bible Courses – 12 Credit Hours

MIN 1003  Exploring the Bible (Exploring the Bible must be taken first.  It is a prerequisite to all other courses in the certificate.)

MIN 3043  Exploring the Old Testament

MIN 3053  Exploring the New Testament


MIN 2063  Introduction to Christian Thought 


MIN 2213  Introduction to Bible Study