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Graduate and Pharmacy Catalog 2021-2022 
Graduate and Pharmacy Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Leadership M.S.

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Dynamic leadership is needed in today’s organizations. Organizations want leaders of integrity, capable of communicating a vision and empowering employees to achieve the organization’s vision. Recognizing that true leadership is a combination of education and God-given talent, the graduate degree major in leadership provides the educational foundation to enhance one’s leadership abilities.

The leadership program prepares the working professional to transform organizations and foster agents of change to meet the demands of the today’s fast-paced world. Through the use of collaborative learning, and application-based knowledge students will:

  • Integrate the Christian faith and learning through critical thinking, research, writing, and learning from the normative base of a Christian worldview;
  • Explore multi-disciplinary approaches for enhancing organizational culture and human development values-based leadership;
  • Develop and exchange concepts relating to understanding and improving organizations around the world; and
  • Experience innovative learning situations, which enable students to acquire the knowledge, dispositions and abilities required of organizational leaders.

Course Structure

Classes are designed for the convenience of the adult learner. Taught in seminar or workshop style, class content is centered on professional practice of leadership, research multicultural leadership, needs assessment, strategic planning, organizational change, critical thinking techniques, global leadership, and servant leadership. The 36-hour curriculum is taught during four-hour weekly evening class sessions.

Attendance Policy

Due to the accelerated nature of the MacArthur School of Leadership evening adult courses, and the need to ensure that each student does not miss out on essential information available only in the first class meeting, it is required for all students to attend the first night of class. Students who miss the first class will be held accountable as follows:

  • Student will not receive higher than a grade of B in the course.
  • The absence will count toward the 20% miss maximum.
  • Student is accountable for all work missed during the first night of class.
  • If a student misses over 20%, the student will automatically be withdrawn


Program Learning Outcomes

“Expected student learning outcomes specify the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes students are expected to attain in courses or in a program.” Page 69. Resource Manual for the Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), 2018.

1. Students will understand leadership theory and concepts and develop their own unique leadership philosophy to guide leadership practice.

2. Students will develop leadership competencies in areas of needs assessment, strategic planning, organizational change, multicultural competencies and the building of effective teams.

3. Students will experience personal, professional and spiritual transformation over the course of the LDR program.

4. Students will develop skills of effective communication by writing at the Master’s level using appropriate APA guidelines and making effective presentations

5. Students will demonstrate knowledge of Christian values and ethics in the leadership of organizations.

Leadership Degree Requirements

36 Credit Hours

Elective Course (Select One)

Non-Profit Concentration


ELDR course version may be taken as an alternative for the on-ground course.

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