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Undergraduate Evening & Online Catalog 2015-2016 
Undergraduate Evening & Online Catalog 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

GCIS 1103 - Introduction to Technology I

3 Credit Hours
This course provides an introduction to and instruction in the use of eCollege, e-mail, myPBA, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Students gain hands-on experience with practical projects and lab exercises suitable for coursework, professional purposes, and personal use. The student is required to complete the course during the first semester of enrollment. The student must earn a grade of “C-” or higher.

  • Main: Fall, B Term; Spring, A and B Term; Summer, B Term.
  • Online: Fall, A Term; Spring B Term; Summer, A Term.
  • Orlando: Fall, A and B Term.
  • Wellington: Fall, B Term; Spring B Term.

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