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Undergraduate Evening & Online Catalog 2015-2016 
Undergraduate Evening & Online Catalog 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Ministry, B.A.

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Coordinator of the Evening Ministry Program, Terriel Byrd, Ph.D.
Coordinator of the Online Ministry Program, Karelynne Ayayo, Th.D.
Coordinator of the Orlando Ministry Program, D. Eric Lowdermilk, D.Th.

The Bachelor of Arts in Ministry program at Palm Beach Atlantic University specifically seeks to meet the education and ministry preparation needs of bi-vocational ministers, church leaders, interested adults, and other non-traditional students. Through a focus on biblical, historical, theological, and practical studies, the Bachelor of Arts in Ministry (MIN) program strives to equip men and women with the knowledge, skills, and character needed for effective Christian service in local church, parachurch organizations, and in other ministries to family, work, and community. The MIN program enables local adult learners who have full-time employment or other daytime responsibilities to complete their B.A. degree through evening courses. The corresponding EMIN program provides an entirely online setting for non-traditional students who wish to complete their B.A. degree while at a geographical distance.

Program Structure

The required curriculum for the major is composed of three-credit hour courses offered during eight-week subterms. On-ground courses are taught during evening class sessions, four hours in duration and meeting once a week. Online courses are delivered electronically through eCollege. Attendance at a minimum of two synchronous class sessions is required in each online ministry course. The specific days and hours for these meetings will be scheduled by the instructor during the first week of each course. Online students should pay particular attention to the Online Attendance Policy . Students enrolled in the B.A. in Ministry program take many of their General Education core requirements from the Catherine T. MacArthur School of Leadership.

To qualify for graduation, students must earn a minimum of 120 credits, including a minimum of 42 upper-level credits (courses numbered 3000 and above). The curriculum is divided between the Technology requirement, General Education requirements, Ministry major requirements, and Free Electives.

The Free Elective field is comprised of transfer credits that do not meet specific requirements, Profession Education Credits (PECs), and other elected courses. Professional Education Credits consist of credit awarded to adult students for work and life experience. Students must apply for PEC credits within their first semester of enrollment at PBA.

Courses in the Ministry major directly reflect the learning objectives stated in the mission of the School of Ministry. Theology and Ethics of Ministry  is the capstone course for the program in which students formulate the theological basis and practical vision for their particular area of calling or ministry focus. This course should be taken as near as possible to the final term of study at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Major in Ministry Curriculum Requirements

120 Credit Hours

Note: Students who are enrolled in the fully online program (EMIN) should select the corresponding E-courses when registering (for example: EMIN 2003 rather than MIN 2003).

Technology Requirement - 3 Credit Hours

(This course must be taken within the first two terms of enrollment.)

General Education Requirements - 45 Credit Hours

(These 3 courses must be taken in the first two terms of enrollment.)

Required General Education Courses - 24 Credit Hours

Humanities - 9 Credit Hours

 Humanities courses should be taken in sequence.

Social Science - 3 Credit Hours

(Select one)


*All evening and online students are required to take an orientation course, the evening/online equivalent of the “First Year Experience” course required of day students. Students in the School of Ministry must take MIN 2003  to meet the orientation requirement.

**Principles of College Writing GENG 1096  will be taken in the first semester based on student’s score on an English language proficiency exam which is taken by all students upon admission to the program.

Course registration for Principles of College Writing must originate from the English language proficiency exam, not the student.

Ministry Electives - 12 Credit Hours

Select 12 credits of MIN-prefix courses, 9 credits of which must be Upper Level (3000 or 4000-level).

  • Or any additional BIB, CCS, CSM or STM course (except BIB 1003 or BIB 4153).  Selected PSY or ORM courses with approval of advisor.
  • Students may satisfy both the General Education Global Studies elective requirement and three (3) MIN upper-level elective credits by taking MIN 3503 - World Religions .
  •   Christian Marriage and Family Dynamics may be used to satisfy three of the required 12 credits of MIN electives.

Free Elective Credits - 30 Credit Hours

Up to 30 credits are possible through PEC. See Academic Policies  for information on PEC credit.


Ministry majors who are seeking early graduate admission to PBA’s Master of Divinity Program must complete MIN 3103 and MIN 4403 within the Ministry Core Courses.  These students must complete MIN 3503 as one of their MIN Elective courses, and they must select from the following courses to complete the remaining 9 MIN Elective credits: MIN 3093, MIN 3303, MIN 3323, MIN 4103, MIN 4113, MIN 4213, and MINV 3103 Special Topics: Introduction to Children’s Ministry. 

Any students pursuing early graduate admission to PBA’s Master of Divinity Program who wish to complete their BA must meet all specific degree requirements outlined in the Undergraduate Day Catalog.  Up to thirty-two (32) graduate hours can be applied toward the completion of the BA degree.

Sample Degree Plan

Ministry, B.A. Degree Plan 

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