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Graduate and Pharmacy Catalog 2021-2022 
Graduate and Pharmacy Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Arts, Intercultural Studies (MAIS)

36 Credit Hours

Our context is important to us. We recognize and draw on the valuable resources offered by our location in South Florida. Few places are better situated for a truly intercultural and interconfessional education. Over 68 percent of the population is comprised of ethnic and racial minorities, and half of all residents speak a language other than English. PBA’s interculturally experienced faculty represent this same diversity along with a unique depth of cultural and missiological experience and training.

Aims and Outcomes

The purpose of the Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (MAIS) is to offer the opportunity for advanced theological engagement with pressing missiological questions in light of Scripture and the rich heritage of Christian faith and practice.

The MAIS degree has the following program-specific learning outcomes:

1. Assess major themes and associated scholarly literature in intercultural studies.

2. Analyze the broad heritage of the Christian tradition, the more specific character of particular Christian traditions and communities, the ways these traditions transcend particular social and cultural settings, and the ways they come to unique expressions within such settings.

3. Apply intercultural methods in analyzing contemporary issues affecting church communities and the larger society.

The PBA School of Ministry, MAIS program provides a holistic practical theological education from leading faculty with a wide diversity of cultural backgrounds and nationalities. We give our students practical experience and theological depth in critical areas at the intersection of intercultural studies and ministry today.

Course Schedule/Structure

The Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies courses are formed by ancient Christian practices: kerygma (proclamation), leiturgia (worship), diakonia (service), koinonia (community building). For one week of the summer online courses, students are brought together for a robust, on-ground education in relevant intercultural topics.

We seek to create a diverse learning community using an online synchronous learning model combined with dedicated time at our West Palm Beach campus over two weeks in the summer. Summer online courses include a one-week requirement of in-person learning at the West Palm Beach campus. Students may register for courses individually in an order best suited to the student’s schedule.

Admission Requirements

Admissions requirements for the Master of Arts, Intercultural Studies may be found in the Admissions section  of the Graduate and Pharmacy Catalog.

Transfer and Transient Credits

Students accepted into the Master of Arts, Intercultural Studies (MAIS) degree program may transfer up to 6 approved credit hours to satisfy elective degree requirements. No transient study credit may be applied toward completion of the MAIS. For additional PBA requirements and policies on transfer and transient credits, see Academic Policies in the Graduate and Pharmacy Catalog.

Associated M.Div. Degrees

Master of Divinity + Master of Arts, Intercultural Studies Dual Degree (M.Div + MAIS)  

Master of Divinity, Concentration in Intercultural Studies  

Intercultural Studies, M.A. Degree Requirements 

A total of 36 credits hours are required. As part of the degree, students must successfully complete two courses in each of the following categories: proclamation, worship, service, and community building. The remaining 12 credit hours are fulfilled through summer courses focused on relevant intercultural topics.

Master of Arts, Intercultural Studies Courses

Proclamation - 6 Credit Hours

Worship - 6 Credit Hours

Service - 6 Credit Hours

Community Building - 6 Credit Hours

Summer Hybrid Courses - 12 Credit Hours

The following online courses require one week out of the semester of on-ground learning at the West Palm Beach, Florida campus: