May 29, 2024  
Graduate and Pharmacy Catalog 2023-2024 
Graduate and Pharmacy Catalog 2023-2024

Counseling in School Settings Certificate

Location(s): West Palm Beach Campus (Evening), Orlando Campus (Evening)

15 Credit Hours

Courses in this certificate program constitute the requirements for the Counseling in School Settings Concentration. While the concentration is intended for students who are currently enrolled in the Clinical Mental Health degree, this certificate is intended for applicants with a conferred master’s degree in counseling (other than Guidance and Counseling/School Counseling) who seek to add to their current FLDOE certification, as well as those who wish to gain FLDOE certification as a school counselor. This certificate meets requirements for the FLDOE’s Administrative Rule 6A-4.018, Plan Two: Specialization Requirements for Certification in School Counseling (Grades PK-12), which states:

(2) Plan Two. A master’s or higher degree with a graduate major in counseling other than guidance and counseling or school counseling as specified in subsection (1) of this rule that includes a minimum of six-hundred (600) clock hours of supervised internship with school-aged children and their families with at least nine (9) semester hours of graduate credit to include the following areas:

(a) Student appraisal and evaluation methods in prekindergarten, elementary and secondary schools including interpretation and analysis of standardized tests and other assessment results that assist students in career exploration, academic skills and personal and social skill development;

(b) College and career planning for prekindergarten, elementary and secondary school students including college and career exploration and knowledge of financial aid and financing of postsecondary education options;

(c) Principles, philosophy, organization and administration of a comprehensive school counseling program in prekindergarten, elementary and secondary schools; and

(d) Consultation skills and techniques for conferring with groups such as agencies, teachers and parents.

Certificate Courses

The following courses in the newly developed degree plan address the abovementioned requirements, respectively.

Matriculation Requirements

All courses in the certificate and concentration must be ​successfully completed for the designation to be granted. Courses may not be substituted.