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Graduate and Pharmacy Catalog 2023-2024 
Graduate and Pharmacy Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Certificate: Transformational Leadership

Location(s): PBA Online

9 Credit Hours

Aim and Outcomes

The aim of the Graduate Certificate in Transformational Leadership provides students with an advanced theological education and skills to serve communities responsibly and ethically through ministry and/or non-profit work. This certificate for those who have already completed theological graduate education and are looking for continued education opportunities as well as for those who have not considered theological education and for whom a graduate degree is not feasible or desired.

To this end, a graduate of the MACTC degree will demonstrate the competencies required to:

  1. Evaluate, develop, and apply leadership methods and skills for community transformation;
  2. evaluate ways in which the church engages in Great Commission application in its life and mission to the world;
  3. develop the capacities for personal faith, emotional maturity and moral integrity that are requisite to a life of chaplaincy and ministerial leadership;

Structure and Delivery

Remote-Synchronous model: In order to offer classes and experiences to students throughout South Florida and beyond, all courses are offered in a remote-synchronous format.

Program Length

The Graduate Certificate in Transformational Leadership can be completed in one year (3 credit hours each Fall, Spring, and Summer).

Because courses are offered on a rotation, students must work closely with their academic advisor to determine the best personalized registration schedule.


The admission requirements and process may be found in the relevant Admission section of the Graduate and Pharmacy Catalog.

Graduate Certificate Transformational Leadership - 9 Credits