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Undergraduate Day Catalog 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Day Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Administration

Office of the President

William M. B. Fleming, Jr., L.L.D.                                      President                                                                                          
E.Randolph Richards, Ph.D. Provost and Chief Academic Officer
John Kautz III, M.B.A. Senior Vice President for Finance, Administration and Planning
Vicki Pugh, B.M. Vice President for Development
Timothy Worley, M.B.A. Vice President for Admissions and Special Projects
Mona L. Hicks, M.S. Associate Vice President for Human Resources.
Robert Lutz, Ph.D. Candidate Dean of Students
Carolyn Stone, M.Ed. Director of Athletics
Bernie Cueto, Ph.D. Campus Pastor

Office of the Provost and Chief Academic Officer

E. Randolph Richards, Ph.D.                                            Provost and Chief Academic Officer                                                 
Carolanne Brown, M.Ed. Assistant Provost for Accreditation, Assessment, and Research
Jeremy J. Couch, Ed.D Executive Director, Orlando Campus
Melanie M. Jackson, Ph.D. Candidate Director of eLearning
Nathan C. Lane II, Ph.D. Associate Provost for Instruction
Kathryn L. Majzner, M.S. Registrar
Robert B. Lloyd, Ph.D. Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Leslie D. Turner, D.B.A. Dean, Rinker School of Business
J. Duane Meeks, Ph.D. Dean, School of Communication and Media
Chelly K. Templeton, Ed.D. Dean, School of Education and Behavioral Studies
Craig E. Domeck, Ed.D. Dean, MacArthur School of Leadership
Jonathan C. Grenz, Ph.D. Dean, School of Ministry
Jason M. Lester, D.M. Dean, School of Music and Fine Arts
Joanne M. Masella, Ed.D. Dean, School of Nursing
Jeffrey D. Lewis, Pharm D. Dean, Gregory School of Pharmacy
Steven L. Baker, M.A. Dean, Warren Library

Office of Finance, Administration and Planning

John Kautz III, M.B.A.                                                       Senior Vice President for Finance, Administration and Planning     
Phillip Major, M.S. Associate Vice President of Campus Information Services
Mark Bresnahan, M.S. Director of Procurement
Carla Crow, M.B.A. Controller
Leo Franco, B.A. Director of Dining Services
Anne Ilcus, M.A.    Budget Administrator/Investment Analyst
Jen McMahon, M.S. Director of Financial Aid
Cheri Pearcey, M.B.A. Director of Campus Store
Matt Stevens Director of Facilities

Office of Admissions

Timothy Worley, M.B.A.                                                     Vice President for Admissions and Special Projects                       
Joseph  Bryan, M.Ed. Assistant Vice President for Admissions
Paul Razza, M.A. Director of Recruitment, Media, and Communications
Joe Sharp, M.B.A. Director of Graduate, Evening, and Online Admissions

Office of Development

Vicki Pugh                                                                         Vice President for Development
Becky Peeling Associate Vice President for University Relations and Marketing
Mary Jacobs Assistant Vice President for Special Projects and Parent Relations
Steve Eshelman Director of Alumni Relations
John Sizemore Director of Publications
Mary Ward Director of Campus and Community Events
Ken Prater Assistant Director of Development Services

Office of Student Development

Robert Lutz                                                                       Dean of Students                                                                              
Kate Magro Assistant Dean of Students
Jeremy Bonta Interim Director for Health and Wellness
Witfield Felix Director of Academic Support and Disability Services
Kimberly Ladd Director of Career Development
Danne Pierre Director of First Year/Transfer Experience
Kara Wenger Director for Residence Life