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Graduate & Pharmacy Catalog 2013-2014 
Graduate & Pharmacy Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PHR 2232 - Case Studies in Pharmacotherapy II

2 Credit Hours
This is a problem-based learning course in which students will develop critical thinking skills while collaborating in small groups to analyze patient cases and complete assignments. Students will gather, analyze and synthesize medical information in order to formulate pharmacotherapeutic treatment plans to improve patient outcomes. This process will promote critical examination of medical problems and develop the student’s clinical skills and reasoning. Students will be assigned to small groups for the duration of the semester. One faculty member will serve as the group’s tutor. The tutor is a facilitator of the student’s problem solving and not an information resource. The tutor’s role is to preside over the unfolding of the case and to assist students in learning and staying on schedule. The faculty tutor will meet with their group during scheduled class periods.

Prerequisite: PHR 2132 

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