Mar 24, 2019  
Undergraduate Day Catalog - 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Day Catalog - 2018-2019

The School of Arts and Sciences: Natural Science, Mathematics, Computer Science and Social Science

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Raymond E. Waldner, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Sciences


The Area of Natural and Social Sciences includes the Departments of Biology; Chemistry, Physics, Oceanography, and Forensic Science; Mathematics/Computer Sciences; and Psychology. The major programs in this Area include Biology, with an option to pursue a Concentration in 1) Botany, Environmental Science, and Field Biology, 2) Graduate School Preparation, 3) Marine Biology, 4) Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, 5) Pre-Health Professional Preparation, or 6) Zoology, or to minor in another subject; Medicinal and Biological Chemistry, with the option of a Biological or Pharmaceutical Concentration; Forensic Science; Mathematics; Computer Science; Computer Information Systems; and Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience. Professors in all of these programs strive to help students develop not only academically but also in their faith and appreciation for contributing to society. Critical thinking is stressed throughout the curriculum, and emphasis is placed on preparing students to enter graduate or professional programs. Minors are available in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Oceanography and Psychology.

Natural Science and Technology Credits

Natural Science and Technology courses completed more than 5 years prior to enrolling at PBA will not be accepted for transfer credit toward a major or minor. Natural Science and Technology courses may be counted toward General Education credits up to 7 years after completion.

Pre-Health Professional Program

Pre-health professional students prepare to gain entrance into a health professional program after graduation from PBA. These programs include Allopathic (M.D.) and Osteopathic Medicine (O.D.), Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Optometry, Podiatry, Physician Assistant and other specialized health care programs. The liberal arts degree that a student earns at PBA will help develop the communications, writing, critical thinking and decision-making skills that will be needed in the application process and for becoming a successful health care professional.

Because professional schools desire students with a broad range of academic interests, students can choose to major in any subject area. However, because health professional programs are science-based, and because the sciences are rigorous and academically demanding, a major in one of the sciences is a good choice for students planning to gain entrance into a health professional program.

As a result, the majority of pre-health professional students at PBA major in Biology (see Concentration in Pre-Health Professional Preparation within the Biology Department). Another science option is the Medicinal and Biological Chemistry major which also will provide a student with a solid science background. Students who choose a non-science major should be prepared to take the science courses required by the professional schools to which they plan to apply, and to consult with the Pre-Health Advisory Committee to set up a suitable curriculum that includes those science courses.

A minimal list of the courses which would be required for pre-health preparation is: Biology I and II, General Chemistry I and II, Organic Chemistry I and II, Physics I and II.

Formal admission into the Pre-Health Professional Program requires that students go through an application and screening process during the spring semester of the sophomore year.* The application and screening process is carried out by the Pre-Health Advisory Committee. The Pre-Health Advisory Committee meets with pre-health students at least twice a year on the first Friday of each semester at 11:00 a.m. in MAC 1291. The expectations of pre-health students, including the application and screening process, will be discussed at these meetings. Pre-health students must attend these meetings if they expect to be admitted into the Program.

*Junior or senior transfer students must apply during their first semester at PBA. Students who wish to enter this program after the sophomore year must contact the Pre-Health Advisory Committee immediately.

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