May 24, 2019  
Undergraduate Day Catalog - 2018-2019 
Undergraduate Day Catalog - 2018-2019

Journalism, B.A.

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120 Credit Hours

General Education Requirements - 43 Credit Hours

Journalism majors must meet the Baccalaureate Degree Requirements  as set out in the General Education Program .

General Education Requirements

  • Fine Arts Requirement: Students majoring in Journalism must also take THE 2212 - Theatre Appreciation   or CIN 1202 - Film Appreciation  in order to fulfill the Fine Arts requirement.
  • Global Studies Requirement: Students majoring in Journalism should carefully consider taking CIN 3123 - International Cinema  to fulfill the Global Studies requirement.
  • Social Science Requirement: Journalism majors should carefully consider taking COM 3573    - Communication Research Methods to fulfill the Social Science requirement.

Journalism Lab: 4-8 Credit Hours


All Journalism majors must enroll in and successfully complete JRN 3061   - Journalism Lab in each semester beginning upon declaration of their major.  This lab may be repeated for a total of 8 credit hours. 


* 15 additional credit hours are required to meet the 120 total and the 42 upper-division credit hour requirement.

Sample Degree Plan

Journalism Degree Plan 

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