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Undergraduate Day Catalog 2019-2020 
Undergraduate Day Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Military Science Minor

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21 Credit Hours

(ROTC Cadets Only) Classes and labs are held at Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University in Miami.

ROTC Military Science Minor Overview

The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is a program that is offered as a Military Science Minor (21 credit hours) under the Management degree in the Rinker School of Business and incorporates extensive leadership, management, problem solving, fitness, and level-one military skills into the college student’s curriculum, regardless of the student’s selected major. This program has proven its unparalleled value to students long after graduation and well into their desired career, whether civilian or military. ROTC Military Science is an elective course that is taken each semester of college, and upon completion of the program requirements and award of a Bachelor’s degree (or graduate degree), the student is commissioned as an officer in the active army, Reserves, or National Guard. Students interested in ROTC, but not ready to make a commitment, may take classes as freshmen and/or sophomores and incur no military obligation. Students entering their junior year or about to begin a two-year graduate program in the fall of an academic year may spend five weeks in summer training at Camp Challenge in Fort Knox, Kentucky. At the camp, students learn skills normally taught in the first two years of ROTC, earn pay, and then without obligation, make a decision about ROTC and the Army. The program is open to all full-time students attending Palm Beach Atlantic University. Courses are taken at both Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University.

There is no military service obligation associated with the first two years of the program unless a student is an ROTC scholarship recipient. These courses introduce students to skills taught at U.S. Army Basic Training. They include military customs and courtesies, organization and rank structure, leadership assessment, patrolling, weapons handling and firing, map reading, first aid, and many others. Courses consist of outdoor/indoor instruction and are, by design, 80 percent practical “hands-on” training conducted both on campus and throughout South Florida. Juniors and seniors continue to use these hands-on techniques while the emphasis is on developing and refining leadership skills. As juniors and seniors and advanced course cadets, they are also charged with teaching and mentoring basic course students. Closely monitored and supervised by experienced active duty military officers and senior-enlisted soldiers, these juniors and seniors plan and organize events and other training far beyond their personal expectations.

Army ROTC has two and three-year campus-based scholarships. These scholarships pay full tuition to Palm Beach Atlantic University. The scholarship also pays $600 annually for books and $350 per month spending money. Applications for scholarships are accepted in the spring semester and priority is given to enrolled ROTC students. Scholarship winners are usually committed to four years of active duty, earning salaries comparable to civilian sector incomes but with the adventure and experiences that few civilian careers can offer. Non-scholarship and selected scholarship cadets can request either full-time active service or part-time service in the Reserves or National Guard.

Students unable to participate in ROTC during the freshman and sophomore years may qualify for admission to advanced ROTC (junior and senior years) by attending a five-week course (basic camp) at Fort Knox, Kentucky, during the summer between their sophomore and junior year. Attendees incur no military obligation. An alternative entry program is also available for students who meet certain criteria and are unable to attend basic camp.

Outstanding cadets may be qualified to attend special army schools such as Mountain Warfare Training, Northern Warfare School, Air Assault School, or Airborne School. Selection is competitive and based on the student’s academic and physical performance record. Cadets receive uniforms, shoes, boots, and other equipment necessary for all ROTC classes and training. Outstanding cadets are honored at frequent award ceremonies. Scholarship cadets can fly, providing space is available, aboard military aircraft.

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