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Undergraduate Day Catalog 2021-2022 
Undergraduate Day Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The School of Music and Fine Arts

Jason M. Lester, D.M., Dean

The School of Music and Fine Arts includes the departments of art, dance, and music, and offers programs of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music degrees. Students may major in art, art education, graphic arts, dance, music, music education, composition, performance, worship leadership, and popular music industry. Music majors in the Bachelor of Arts program may pursue an emphasis in one of three areas: applied music studies, music theory and literature, or popular music industry. Through its general education offerings, studio art classes, ensembles, and dance productions, the school provides opportunities for all students at Palm Beach Atlantic to experience the arts firsthand.

The purpose of the School of Music and Fine Arts is to develop students who possess talent, inspiration, creativity, and dedication into graduates who combine aesthetic sensibilities and artistic integrity with Christian character. That developmental process integrates the broad ethos of the liberal arts with professional standards of a particular artistic discipline. This purpose is achieved by providing continuous studies that prepare students for lifelong personal and professional growth. This process is nurtured in an environment where the traditional study of art, dance, and music and their resulting performance/presentation opportunities find common ground with the liberal arts and the practical demands of a particular artistic profession in a community of shared Christian values.