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Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024 
Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Development

At Palm Beach Atlantic University, Student Development is designed to support the academic mission of the University, foster student learning inside the classroom and outside the classroom, and develop the student holistically. We provide programs, services, and activities that help students grow and develop intellectually, spiritually, physically, and socially within the context of a Christian community. Student Development includes the Offices of Academics and Accessibility Resources, Career Development, Residence Life & Student Accountability, Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership, and Workship.


Palm Beach Atlantic University athletics consists of 18 varsity programs that compete in the NCAA’s Division II and are members of the Sunshine State Conference. Sailfish Athletics offers opportunities for both men and women to participate in intercollegiate sports. Men’s sports include baseball, basketball, cross-country, distance track, golf, lacrosse, soccer, and tennis. Women’s sports include basketball, beach volleyball, cross-country, distance track, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball. PBA has announced the addition of equestrian as a club sport which is set to begin competition during the 2023-24 academic year. The Athletics Department is located on the first floor of the Greene Complex for Sports & Recreation. The John & Sheila Rinker Sports Center, which serves as the home for outdoor sports, is located on the Marshall and Vera Lea Rinker Athletic Campus.

Campus Ministries and Missions

Campus Ministries and CMGlobal (student missions) exists to invite this generation of students to worship and become fully surrendered followers of Jesus Christ, proclaiming His love to others in our community and throughout the world.

Campus Ministries and CMGlobal focuses on the development of Christ-centered student ministry teams discipleship and student mentoring which serves the PBA community and beyond. Student leaders are chosen through an application process which enables them to clarify their vision, passion and area of service. Student leaders have special opportunities to enhance their ministry leadership skills through training, mentoring and access to specialized resources. In addition, leaders have the opportunity to participate in a variety of regular personal mentoring and group encouragement gatherings.

Students may serve in an existing ministry or be assisted in starting something new. A sample of recent and emerging ministries includes:

  • CMGlobal (student missions)
  • The Anchor
  • Women’s Night of Worship
  • Men’s Ministries
  • PBA Justice Ministries
  • Creative Arts and Media
  • Discipleship Mentoring


Campus Ministries tries to be fluid, flexible, faithful, and committed to ministry that is organic at its root and biblically transformative. Campus Ministries does not try to be the “local church” for students, but is here to help students develop and express their God-given vision to create ministries that are an expression of God’s Kingdom on our campus and beyond. In so doing, Campus Ministries places high value on partnering with local churches and the need for students to be connected to a local church. We provide ongoing mentoring and support for existing ministry teams as well as helping students formulate vision and catalyze new ministry start-ups.

CMGlobal provides students the opportunity to connect with God’s heart for the nations and to proclaim Christ’s love throughout the world. Leadership opportunities are available to serve on the overall planning team as Global Project Coordinators (GPCs) or as trip Co-Leaders. The desire of Campus Ministries is that through involvement in mission teams and global awareness events, the entire PBA community will draw closer to God and learn to live a missional lifestyle regardless of vocation or location.

Recent teams have served orphans and street children, built buildings with indigenous ministries, assisted in planting churches, taught conversational English to university students, assisted with medical clinics, used surfing for ministry, served as a film crew and editing team and used music/drama in outreach events. Teams have been sent out annually to diverse places* ranging from the Caribbean, South and Central America, Asia, Africa, S. Africa and beyond!

Special events and services are also facilitated by Campus Ministries and CMGlobal. These include:

  • Global Emphasis Week: a week of global awareness and opportunities
  • Church Connect Day: information fair with over 20 churches on campus
  • Justice Emphasis Week: a week of focus on issues such as human trafficking, slave labor, the marginalized poor, etc.
  • Commissioning Service
  • Celebration of Nations and Stories from the Field Gatherings

*NOTE: All students who travel internationally with PBA, whether to study abroad or to serve abroad, are charged the PBA International Travel Fee. This fee encompasses the costs of enrollment in the travel program, travel insurance and contingency funds.

Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation offers quality programs and services that enhance wellness through the promotion of healthy lifestyles and activities. Campus Recreation provides a safe environment to enhance sportsmanship and leadership for the campus community. Students, faculty and staff are able to take advantage of a variety of recreational activities, including intramural sports, group fitness classes, student-run club sports and special events and trips. The goal of the Department of Campus Recreation is to offer valuable and enjoyable recreation programs and services in a Christian environment.

Programs and Services provided by Campus Recreation include:

  • Intramural Sports: The intramural program offers fun-first competition in traditional sports and non-traditional sports. Up to four seasons per semester are offered for students, faculty and staff to participate in. Sports vary each year but often include favorites such as volleyball, basketball and soccer, in addition to the more unique sports of spikeball and dodgeball.
  • Group Fitness Classes: A full schedule of group fitness classes is available throughout the week for no cost to students, faculty and staff. Group Fitness Classes may include Pilates, Spin, Zumba, High Intensity Interval Training and many others on a rotating plan dependent on the semester.
  • Student-Run Club Sports: The current club sport offered is Club Sailing. Students interested in organizing a new club sport have the opportunity to do so at the beginning of each academic school year.
  • Sailfish Cup: Sailfish Cup, which has been taking place for over 25 years, is a Residence Hall Olympics with teams competing in a multitude of events over the course of the fall and spring semester. Each team competes in fall events such as All Hall Dodgeball Brawl, Flag Football Fall Fest and Trivia and then again for a three-day competition in January, with events ranging from volleyball to board games. It all leads up to the flagship event – the Lip Sync competition. Each year a winning men’s and women’s team is crowned.
  • Special Events: Special events include various recreational trips and sporting events around South Florida. Previous trips include kayaking & horseback riding on the beach. New events are always being planned and vary each year.

Campus Recreation employs student workers as intramural referees, intramural supervisors and group fitness instructors. To apply for a position with Campus Recreation, visit PBA’s Handshake database to see open positions and to fill out applications.

People may also find information regarding Campus Recreation on the Campus Recreation Home Page and Campus Recreation Instagram account (@CampusRecPBA). The Campus Recreation Office is located on the first floor of the Greene Complex for Sports & Recreation.

Career Development

The Office of Career Development provides assistance to all students and alumni in career planning, job placement and graduate school preparation. Career planning is a holistic process that involves a variety of programs and principles. Students are encouraged to seek God’s direction throughout their career and life planning process. Since this is an on-going process, students should begin their career exploration during their first year with evaluation/assessment and ending in their final year with the transition into the employment or graduate school arena. The Office of Career Development is located on the second floor of the Lassiter Student Center. Appointments can be made by calling 561-803-2060.


Some ask, “Why do you have chapel at PBA?” Busy schedules coupled with the rigor of a full academic load leave many with little time to breathe, much less take another hour that might be better spent studying, working, or resting. The primary purpose of chapel is worship. In chapel, we come together as a community of Christians to affirm our faith, to be encouraged in the Christian life, to focus our attention on God’s agenda, and to give praise and thanks to our God. Chapel also serves as an opportunity to build community. Our aim in chapel is to tune the heart of the university to the heart of God. It is a great way to discover His wisdom and strength for our lives and experience His work on a personal and campus-wide level.

Each week students select from one of three chapel services. All services have the same focus and message. Student participation is a hallmark of all chapel services. This participation can take many forms from “upfront roles” such as playing in the band on a praise and worship team or singing in a choir to “behind-the-scenes participation” on our creative team or prayer team, for example.

At the core of chapel is worship and spiritual formation built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and rooted in the Bible. The goal is to help the campus community experience a growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Chapel may be the means God uses to light a spark of spiritual interest in a student’s heart or to fan into a flame the fire that is already burning. The Chapel staff strives to keep chapel relevant, engaging, and oriented in such a way as to build campus community.

All full-time undergraduate day students are required to attend chapel. Students must accumulate a minimum of 12 chapel credits during the fall semester, and 12 chapel credits during the spring semester for a total of 24 chapel credits for each academic year. Students may attend chapel more than 12 times in the fall and therefore lessen the spring requirement of 12 chapel attendances. But students are required to attend chapel at least 12 times during the fall semester. Completion of the 24 chapel credits during the year is a prerequisite for continued enrollment and graduation from PBA.

Student Consumer Information Guide

The information provided in this Consumer Information Guide is intended to meet the federal requirements set forth by the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA), as amended by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA). Educational institutions are required to disclose specific consumer information about the school to current and prospective students. The following is a summary of such consumer information with references to additional details and reports. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, material, and data contained within this document, absolute accuracy is not guaranteed. Questions about the compilation of this document or its contents should be directed to the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness at (561) 803-2055.

Website: www.pba.edu

Main phone number:

(561) 803-2000 or toll free 888-468-6722

Street address:

901 South Flagler Drive West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 24708 West Palm Beach, FL 33416-4708 


Updated: February 12, 2021

Campus Safety and Security Report

As part of the Annual Consumer Information Report, Palm Beach Atlantic University provides a campus security report containing:

  1. Statistical data on the occurrences of, as well as the number of arrests resulting from, certain criminal activities on campus. This report may be found here. PBA will provide a paper copy upon request. If you would like a copy of this report, you may call ext. 32500 or 803-2500 from off-campus.
  2. Current policy and procedure statements. This report is prepared by Campus Safety and Security.

Drug-Free Campus

In keeping with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendment of 1989, the unlawful manufacture, distribution, possession, or use of a controlled substance is strictly prohibited within the bounds of the Palm Beach Atlantic University campus or any properties leased or controlled by Palm Beach Atlantic University as well as at any PBA-sponsored activities or events.

Reasonable Accommodation Policy (Americans with Disabilities Act)

The University seeks to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 as well as Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 by affording reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. Students who have questions about their entitlement to benefits or who have grievances under these statutes should contact The Student Success Center, 2nd Floor of Lassiter Student Center. Call 561.803.2663, for an appointment with the Coordinator for Disability Services.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is considered to be a serious breach of proper conduct. Engaging in sexual harassment of employees or students is a violation of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other physical and expressive behavior of a sexual nature in which:

  • Submission to such conduct becomes a term or condition of an individual’s employment or education;
  • Submission to such conduct becomes a basis for academic or employment evaluation; or
  • The conduct creates a hostile or demeaning employment or educational environment.

All students, staff, and faculty are responsible for helping to assure that the University is kept free of workplace harassment. Faculty or staff experiencing or witnessing workplace harassment should immediately notify the Director of Human Resources. If any faculty or staff member believes that he or she is being harassed by the Director of Human Resources, the complaint should be brought to the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Students should immediately notify the Student Development office if they are experiencing or witnessing harassment. If any student believes that he or she is being harassed by a faculty or staff member, the complaint should be brought to the office of Human Resources.

Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against anyone found to have violated this policy. Persons reporting incidents of sexual harassment, assault, or violence will be treated with care, concern, and confidentiality. Support, assistance, and counseling are available.

Dining Services

A University life is about the life of the mind and soul. And a whole lot more. Our Dining service offers an atmosphere where you can socialize, relax and enjoy dining at the Fresh Food Company (FFC) in Fraser Dining Hall. FFC provides for a variety of tastes from traditional home-style favorites to pasta, vegetarian and vegan options. The grill station, omelette station, Mongolian Asian Grill, Red Hot Chef station, and the vegetarian station offer made-to-order options. And the produce and salad bar station, as well as the soups, fresh bread, deli, and dessert stations offer self-serve options. FFC is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For your convenience, ARAMARK offers several meal plan options for both residents and commuters; the All Access 5 and All Access 7 meal plans allow students to come into FFC as many times per day as needed, for either five or seven days a week. Block meal plans allow students to pre-purchase a block of meals. Both types of plans may include declining balance funds to use in Einstein’s, Chick-fil-A and the POD, in addition to the FCC. Our priority is to satisfy you by providing a safe, nutritious, fun, and exciting dining program. A Meal Plan is required for students who live in PBA residence halls. Money can be added to your ID card for convenient cashless transactions, and with a meal plan you also have Declining Balance cash you can use at any location. Catering is also available for students, and a Budget Series Menu is in the planning for students and faculty and staff. Please visit the Tuition & Fees  page for detailed meal plan information.

Other dining options at PBA include:

  • POD (our convenience store), has a lot to offer for on–the-go items: salads, sandwiches, a panini grill to press and heat your sandwich, snacks, including gluten free snacks, and plenty more.
  • Einstein’s in the Warren Library offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night snacks with a variety of bagels, signature salads, coffee, pastries, and much more.
  • Chick-fil-A (CFA) is located in the Green Complex and offers CFA chicken sandwiches, salads, lemonade, and milk shakes. CFA is open for breakfast, serving a variety of items for your choosing such as Mini Chicken Biscuits and hash browns. CFA is also open for lunch and dinner, as well as scheduled games for the Sports Center.
  • RAC Concession Stand offers hot dogs, pretzels, nachos and snacks at the Rinker Athletic Campus.

For more information, please see our site at www.sailfishdining.com for additional information, or you may contact us at 561.803-2875 for questions about our program.

Grievance Policy (Non-Academic Complaint)

A non-academic complaint is any alleged injustice including unfair treatment, error, or behavior inconsistent with University policies, mission or values. 

General Guidelines for Formal Complaints

  1. The student should take his/her complaint to the staff member who oversees the program/office/department for which he/she has a complaint. Initial concerns may be communicated verbally or in writing by the student to the staff member.
  2. If the resolution with the staff member proves unsatisfactory to the student, he/she may make a formal complaint in writing to the staff member’s immediate supervisor. It is the student’s responsibility to demonstrate that he/she has already communicated with the staff member who oversees the program/office/department. Any complaint that has not followed the prescribed steps will be referred back to the appropriate staff member.
  3. The supervisor will review the student’s complaint and reasonable effort will be made to provide a written acknowledgement within 15 business days, barring any extenuating circumstances (e.g., international travel, serious illness). Response via PBA e-mail will be considered as written response.
  4. The written complaint will be logged for internal processing; however, it will not become a part of the student’s official record.
  5. If the resolution with the supervisor proves unsatisfactory to the student, he/she may take the complaint to the Director, Dean, Vice President or designee in writing. It is the student’s responsibility to demonstrate that he/she has already communicated with the staff member’s immediate supervisor. Any complaint that has not followed the prescribed steps will be referred back to the appropriate staff member.
  6. In the event that the complaint is directly related to the Director, Non-academic Dean, Vice President, or designee, the complaint will be forwarded to the President’s Office.
  7. The President’s Office or designee will review the student’s complaint and provide a final written response. Response via PBA e-mail will be considered as written response.
  8. Each department is required by SACSCOC and federal regulations to maintain a student complaint log. This log is intended to track the process beginning with the written complaint until final written resolution (steps 2-7). The log should contain the following information: student name, date of complaint, nature of complaint, date of acknowledgement, action, resolution, date of fina I action notification.
  9. The log and backup documentation (any written correspondence and notes if applicable) must be safely and confidentially stored on the shared departmental drive and will be annually reviewed by the Director, Dean, Vice President or designee. All records must be retained for a minimum of seven (7) years.


To file a complaint against a nonpublic postsecondary institution in Florida, please write a letter or send an email
containing the following information:

  1. Name of Student (or Complainant)
  2. Complainant Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Name of Institution
  5. Location of the Institution (City)
  6. Dates of Attendance
  7. A full description of the problem and any other documentation that will support your claim such as enrollment agreements, correspondence, etc.
  8. The complaint process of the Commission involves contacting the institution to obtain their response to your complaint. If you do not want the Commission to contact the institution you are attending, you must state so in your complaint; however, doing so will greatly hinder the Commission’s ability to assist you with your complaint.

Send Letter To:
Commission for Independent Education 325 W. Gaines Street, Suite 1414
Tallahassee, FL. 32399-0400

Or E-mail: cieinfo@fldoe.org
Or Fax: 850-245-3238

Residence Life

Living in a Christian community is one of the most rewarding and important facets of the PBA educational experience. The residence hall environment offers needed support to students as they transition from living at home to living on their own at PBA. Students have numerous opportunities for building community, participating in activities, joining a Bible Study, completing Workship, and gaining experience in student leadership.

Every residence hall has an assigned full-time professional staff member called an Area Coordinator (AC) that supervises a specially selected and trained student staff consisting of Resident Coordinator (RC) and Resident Assistants (RAs). It is this team of professional and student staff that ensures the hall atmosphere is conducive to the students’ academic, spiritual, emotional and social growth. It is also our to create a safe environment through our policies. Resident students, residents’ guests, and non-residential visitors are subject to the policies and procedures of our guiding principles in the Navigator and Residence Life Handbook.

Residency Requirements: As part of the University admissions process, each student is required to indicate his/her intended housing status. All daytime undergraduate students are required to live in campus housing, unless he/she meets one or more of the following criteria at the beginning of the academic year:

  1. Student is age 21 or older at the beginning the academic year in which he/she attends. A student may not break the contract with the University even if he/she turns 21 within the academic year.
  2. The student resides with immediate family and commutes to class (immediate family for this purpose is defined as parent[s], legal guardian, or grandparent[s]).
  3. The student is enrolled part-time with no more than 12 credit hours of academic work at the beginning of the academic year. If a student drops below 12 credit hours during the academic year, he/she is still held responsible for the housing contract.
  4. The student is married (A copy of the marriage certificate must be provided).

A student who meets any of the criteria listed and wishes to live off campus must complete an Off-Campus Request by emailing Reslife@pba.edu.

Students 22 years of age or older by the first day of classes will not be eligible for on-campus University housing.

Housing Cancellations: Housing contracts are in effect for the entire academic year. Any request for cancellation of contract must be communicated in writing to the Residence Life Office (reslife@pba.edu) no later than May 14th.

Cancellations made after the May 14th deadline will result in a significant cancellation fee. (See the graduated Cancelation Fee Schedule in the Residence Life Handbook).

Once the academic year has commenced, the student must remain in the residence halls during those semesters that the student is enrolled. Should a student withdraw from the university during the academic year, the refund schedule is determined by the Business Office.

Student Residence Halls

Baxter Hall is a four-story residence hall with double and triple occupancy options located just northwest of the library building for female students. This hall contains 120 suite-style rooms and houses 260 students. Baxter Hall provides a lobby area, media room and computer lab on the first floor as well as laundry facilities on each floor.

Johnson Hall is a five-story residence hall located on the Intracoastal Waterway for female students. This hall contains 60 suite-style rooms and houses 120 students. Johnson Hall provides living rooms within each suite, a main lounge and kitchen area, a computer lab, and laundry facilities.

Oceanview Hall is a seven-floor building that has a residence hall on the top two floors. The hall has double, triple, and quad occupancy rooms. This building is located directly west of Baxter Residence Hall. The hall contains 92 rooms and houses 208 students. Oceanview Hall provides lounge areas, laundry facilities on each floor, meeting and game rooms, and a computer lab.

Pembroke Hall is a three-story building with residential rooms in designated areas on the first and second floors. This building is located directly east of Watson near central campus. This hall contains 14 rooms for 24 students. This hall is predominately designated for honors male students.

Rinker Hall is a five-story residence hall located in the center of the campus for male students. This hall contains 60 suite-style rooms and houses 129 students. Rinker Hall provides living rooms within each suite, a main lounge area, a computer lab, and laundry facilities.

Watson Hall is an eight-story residential apartment housing option for male and female students. It is located west of the Lassiter Student Center. This apartment complex houses 502 upperclassmen students. It has 151 individual apartments, 52 units are 1 bedroom/1 bathroom and 99 units are 2 bedroom/2 bathroom options. Each apartment is equipped with a full kitchen. There is also a laundry room, common area, and study nooks on each floor. The main lobby provides 3 distinct areas for community activity.

Weyenberg Hall is a two-story residence hall located in the center of the campus. This hall contains 12 rooms housing 48 female honors students. Weyenberg Hall provides a main lounge and kitchen area, and laundry facilities.

Coastal Towers is a nine-story residence hall for both male and female undergraduate upperclassmen. This building is located on the Intracoastal Waterway and consists of 30 one-bedroom and 13 two-bedroom units. Each unit has a full kitchen with private balconies on the north and south sides of the building. Tenants have access to the rooftop terrace as well as on-property laundry facilities.

Arkona Apartments is a two story housing option for Upperclassmen Undergraduate female students. Apartments are typically one bedroom or two bedroom suites. This facility is just south of campus and offers an easy walking commute to campus, a private patio space, and laundry facilities.

Malverne Townhouses consist of four 3-bedroom 2.5 bathroom townhomes complete with spacious living rooms, kitchens, and in-home laundry facilities. This facility is just 2 miles south of campus and offers a short commute to campus, private backyards, and a bonus garage space.

Student Accountability

The Student Accountability system seeks to compliment the educational mission of Student Development by promoting student learning and spiritual development, providing opportunities for growth, restorative confrontation, accountability, modeling, and encouragement. The Student Accountability system seeks to facilitate a Biblical model of community through both value and practice. Specific policies and procedures are detailed in the Navigator Student Handbook found online at pba.edu.

Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership (SAIL)

SAIL Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership (SAIL) office serves to support the department mission of Student Development of Palm Beach Atlantic University. Student Development provides learning experiences outside of the classroom and programming that enrich the holistic development and student experience so that PBA students will be able to: enjoy Christ, explore calling, enrich character, and engage communities. The SAIL office is made up of 3 full-time professional staff members who focus on campus-wide events and activities for traditional daytime undergraduate students, first-year student programming, and campus recreation and fitness.

Student Activities

Steering Committee: Steering Committee is a team of upperclassmen student leaders who are driven to help create a unified culture at PBA, with the distinction of being servant leaders. This team works diligently to produce a Welcome Week experience that gets new students integrated into the campus community. After Welcome Week, the Steering Committee continues their service for the student body by planning events throughout the academic year. With the combination of each steering member’s God-given gifts and abilities, their goal is to help students have an enjoyable college experience by providing a social environment, creating opportunities for students to make connections with others. The Steering Committee provides a number of campus-wide, as well as off-campus events for students to enjoy. 

Some examples of events are:
Mr. Charming
Campus Christmas Gala
The Moody Awards
Spring Formal
Trivia, Bingo, & Karaoke Nights
Trips to Disney World

Students may choose to get involved with the planning and promoting of events, assisting with other student organizations or attending the events themselves. For more information on how to get involved in student leadership, contact the SAIL office by email at pbastudents@pba.edu.

First Year Student Programming

The SAIL office provides intentionally designed programming for incoming and first-year students starting with  Student Orientation Advising and Registration (SOAR) and Welcome Week at the start of the semester.

SOAR is hosted in-person and virtually for incoming students and their families introducing them to PBA offices and resources, provide academic advising and registration support, and equip students for a smooth transition to college.

Welcome Week is an event-packed, 5-day experience integrating first year students and families into the PBA family. The week is completely designed, planned, and hosted by Steering Committee student leaders. New students are guided through Welcome Week events along other new students in their orientation small group, called their “Fish Group.” Traditional Welcome Week events include: move-in and sailfish start, high-energy rallies, campus block party, Workship project, parent panel and programming, RAC-reation, Ready Set SAIL, and Footwashing Tradition.

Winter Welcome Weekend is hosted by Steering Committee each January to welcome new students and their families joining the PBA family during the Spring Semester. Events often include meals with student leaders, a resources orientation for students and parents, classroom tour, and an activity in West Palm Beach.

Student Leadership

Leadership Development is an important aspect of one’s college experience. Within the SAIL Office our goal is to help student grow into the leaders that God has created them to be by providing the opportunity for students to apply for on-campus leadership positions, facilitating hands-on leadership opportunities that develop transferrable skills, and leadership training and development through Refresh Leadership events. 

Student Government

Student Government Association (SGA) exists to be a bridge between the student body and Palm Beach Atlantic faculty and staff. SGA is made up of an executive team and committee members, led by the peer-elected Student Body President and Vice President, who focus on advocating for students in various areas that impact the student experience including: policy, spiritual life, academics, student life, student clubs and organizations.

Student Clubs and Organizations

The Student-run clubs and organizations at PBA report to and are supported by the Student Government Association. Every Fall SGA hosts Club Rush, a student club and organization fair that showcases each clubs’ activities and how PBA students can join. PBA students are also able to submit an application to create a new student club each semester.

Listed below are some of the active student clubs and organizations.

For a complete list, contact student government at sg@pba.edu

  • Acting Club: A casual, fun acting opportunity open to all majors and skill levels, no audition required. 
  • A.L.I.C.E (A Live Improv Comedy Experience):  Promotes improvisational talents and humorous entertainment; auditions required.
  • American Marketing Association:  Providing a relevant marketing experience for the students of Palm Beach Atlantic.
  • Alpha Psi Omega: To support the PBA theater environment and foster a welcoming family-like community to the theater. APO also strives to be an outreach of the arts to the PBA community, and better support the PBA atmosphere as a whole.
  • Art club: Continued extracurricular study of art forms that aren’t addressed in class. To unite PBA students with art culture, and service the community.
  • Black Student Union (BSU): Uplift and educate minority students to be confident in their personal and global endeavors. 
  • Cafe con Leche: To unite Latinos at PBA in order to form a community rich in culture, faith and friendship. Forming a safe space for latin students to express themselves freely while also becoming more engaged with the university.
  • Circle K International (CKI):  An international collegiate service organization that is a service leadership program of Kiwanis International
  • College Democrats:  Support the principles, objectives, and platform of the Democratic Party and work for the election of all duly nominated Democratic Party candidates.
  • College Reps: To inform students of the Republican platform, advocate for liberty and freedom on campus, and provide an opportunity for vibrant discourse among the PBA community.
  • Entrepreneurship club: To connect entrepreneurs with local business owners and to create networking opportunities.
  • Freediving club:  A club for those interested in learning the free diving skill and developing relationships. 
  • FX Club: To teach students skills used in after effects and other CGI programs that they may utilize in their film career.
  • Harmony Edge: To give students with a love of music a safe space to express themselves around like-minded individuals.
  • Honors Socratic club: The Socratic Club seeks to enhance the intellectual environment on campus at PBA, promote solidarity among honors students of all grade levels, provide opportunities for dialectic and contemplative interactions, spread laughter, and cultivate an atmosphere of faith-based fellowship for Christian Philosophers.
  • Kappa Phi:  A women’s Christian service club.
  • Investment club: To provide PBA students with the opportunity to learn about investing and hear from local business leaders. Participants will learn the basics of investing and be able to learn from managing the simulated portfolio.
  • Public Relations Strategies Students of America: To aspire to advance the public relations profession by developing ethically responsible pre-professionals who champion diversity, strive for an outstanding education and advocate for the profession.
  • Marine Biology Club: The Marine Biology Club is an organization for PBA students to participate in fellowship with other PBA students who share mutual interest in Marine Biology.
  • Math Society: To bring about a delight in mathematics and to deepen our understanding of it.  
  • Microfinance club: The Microfinance club exists to aid in the mission to end extreme poverty through microlending while simultaneously inform PBA students about loan generation and other financial operations.
  • Monday Night Live: Creating and providing Christian comedy for our PBA community. 
  • National Association for Music Educators: The Palm Beach Atlantic University Chapter of the National Association for Music Educators strives to advance music education with a Christian perspective, by encouraging the study and creation of music for the glory of God.
  • National Honors Society for Dance Arts: The NHSDA recognizes students with outstanding artistic merit and academic achievement whilst advancing dancing as a field of education. 
  • Newman Club: We honor God by supporting Catholic students on the PBA campus and by welcoming non-Catholic students who wish to participate in our events and to explore the Catholic Church.
  • Pre-Law Society:  Unify students pursuing a career in law and provide information and aid in that pursuit. 
  • Pre-Veterinary club: To provide a community for students to learn, develop skills, and gain experience needed to pursue careers within or related to animal medicine. 
  • Running Club: Encourages a healthy lifestyle through running with others to maintain an enjoyable and accountable environment.
  • Science Club: To support the scientific curiosity of students in various ways.
  • Sports club: To bring together the PBA sport-loving community. The mission of this club is to make a welcoming environment for all community members interested in sports to grow in community together.

Campus Recreation 

Campus Recreation offers quality programs and services that enhance wellness through the promotion of healthy lifestyles and activities. Campus Recreation provides a safe environment to enhance sportsmanship, leadership, and quality of life for the campus community. Students, faculty, staff and alumni are able to take advantage of a variety of recreation activities, fitness programs, and special events. The goal of the Department of Campus Recreation is to offer quality and enjoyable recreation programs and services in a Christian environment.

  • Intramural Program: The intramural program offers fun-first competition in traditional sports. Each semester a variety of sports activities are offered for students, faculty and staff to participate. Sports vary by semester but include some favorites like volleyball, flag football, basketball, softball, and soccer.
  • Fitness Classes: Group fitness classes are available throughout the week. Classes may include Pilates, Yoga, Hight Intensity Interval Training, Zumba, and Spin classes, among many others. The schedule of classes, personal training information, and services are available on myPBA and at the Greene Complex front desk.
  • Club Sports: Current active club sports include: Club Sailing
  • Special Events and Trips: Special events and trips are the most anticipated activities offered each year. Campus Rec trips can include activities like kayaking, snorkeling, horseback riding, and camping. Campus Recreation also hosts special events and tournaments at various times each semester. The most anticipated Campus Recreation event of the year is Sailfish Cup.
  • Sailfish Cup: Sailfish Cup is a 3-day tournament tradition of over 25 events between the Residence Halls at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Teams compete is events like a dance-off, basketball, dodgeball, soccer, tug-o-war, jenga, scrabble, spelling bee, video games, lip sync competition, and more.


More information can be found by following Campus Recreation on Social Media and at the Green Complex front desk.


Student Services

The following services are available to all Main Campus students. Online students may benefit from electronic access to Main Campus services, such as Health and Wellness, Sailfish Services, Technology Support, and the Writing Center, as well as electronic resources and research assistance through the Warren Library.

Automatic Deposit Machines (ADM)

ADM Machines are located in the Lassiter Student Center, Einstein’s, and the Greene Sports Complex. These machines can be utilized to place money on a student’s PBACard, which can be used on Campus in the laundry room, vending machines, Campus Store, all food service locations, and select copiers and printers. These funds are NOT available for off campus use. Any questions, please call the PBACard Office at 561.803.2515.

Department of Public Safety

Faculty, Staff and Students all have an interest in preserving a safe learning and living environment on our campus. The campus is patrolled by Department of Public Safety officers seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Public Safety officers conduct investigations and work closely with the West Palm Beach Police Department in the event of any criminal activity on campus.

The Department of Public Safety is located at 1301 South Olive Avenue, in the old Admissions building on the south side of the main campus.

The Department of Public Safety office telephone number is 561.803.2500. The following services are provided to the PBA community through the Department of Public Safety:

  • Patrol Division 24 hours/7 days/365
  • Escort Services around the clock
  • Lost and Found
  • Victim Assistance
  • Parking Services
  • Community Education
  • Defensive Tactics Instruction and Active Shooter training classes
  • Lock, Key, and Access Control/Emergency Phones and Call Boxes
  • Crisis Management Hurricane/Emergency Preparedness
  • Liaison with Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement

Campus Store

The Campus Store, located on the first floor of Oceanview Hall, is open year round. Students can view hours of operation, shop online and check course requirements by visiting the Campus Store on the web at http://pba.bncollege.com. The Campus Store stocks required and recommended course materials in addition to helpful reference materials, study aids, Bibles and devotional books. Buyback of course material is available year round. The Campus Store is the on-campus source for University apparel, spirit gear, technology items, snacks, drinks, basic first aid supplies, and sundry items. The Campus Store accepts cash, most major credit cards, Barnes & Noble gift cards, and general funds on the PBACard. You can reach your Campus Store at 561.803.2180.

Purchasing Textbooks Using Financial Aid Funds

Students may use their pending Financial Aid credit to purchase course materials via their PBACard.  To do so students must first visit the Student Accounts page on myPBA to transfer funds to their PBACard.  Once the funds are available on the card, students may use their PBACard to make purchases at the Campus Store, both online and in the store.

Online and Orlando Students

Online students may rent or purchase course materials, view hours of operation, shop online and check course requirements by visiting the Campus Store on the web at http://pba.bncollege.com, using the Campus Card tab on the Payment Information page. Course materials may be shipped directly to students, picked up in store, or sent to the Orlando Campus.

Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness office is comprised of three primary services: a collection of the required health forms upon enrollment, management of the university’s student health insurance plan, and providing mental health support to PBA students through the University Counseling Center. As a ministry to the Palm Beach Atlantic University community, our mission is to promote physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. We desire to provide services from a Christ-centered perspective, enabling each member to fulfill academic, personal, and spiritual goals.

Required Health Forms:
•   All new students must submit a Health Information Form and TB Risk Screening Form.
•   All new students enrolled in 12 credit hours or more must also submit a Physical Form, completed by a medical provider within the past 12 months, of their PBA start date; and an Immunization Form. Please note that students living on campus have additional imminization requirements.

Students can use the New Student Checklist to ensure they submit all required forms.
**If you are enrolled in an Online Degree Program and will not be attending classes on campus, you are not required to turn in any health forms.

All forms must be uploaded to the student portal https://pba.medicatconnect.com. Health forms that are faxed, emailed or submitted in-person will not be accepted. Students who are accepted in the fall should submit their health forms prior to August 1st, and students who are accepted for the spring semester should submit health forms prior to December 1st. Please keep a copy of all health forms for your records.

Orlando Campus Students: There are no health form requirements and no health center services at the Orlando campus.

Required Health Insurance:

Please note: All full-time students are required to show proof of health insurance

Palm Beach Atlantic University is pleased to offer any full-time student an affordable health insurance plan, including undergraduate, graduate, evening, international, and Ph.D. students. All full-time students enrolled in 9 credits are required to provide proof of current and acceptable health insurance coverage each academic year. It is important to note that even if students have their own insurance plan, they still must complete the waiver process. Students who do not waive the health insurance by the deadline date (fall semester = September 18th; spring semester = January 15th) are automatically enrolled and billed for the student health plan. To find details about the school endorsed health insurance plan or to complete a waiver request, please visit http://www.uhcsr.com/pba. Students planning to waive the school endorsed plan need to be certain that their current health insurance meets the following criteria:  

  1. The plan is provided by a company licensed to do business in the United States with (a) a U.S. claim payment office, (b) a U.S. telephone number, (c) plan literature available in English, and (d) benefits provided in accordance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
  2. The plan provides In-patient care and Outpatient care (including office visits, including Behavioral Health care) within a 50-mile radius of Campus (if residing in West Palm Beach or Orlando). Coverage for Emergency only care does not satisfy this requirement.
  3. The plan provides unlimited medical benefits per sickness or injury. Insurance that fails to cover or limits coverage for pre-existing conditions is NOT acceptable.
  4. My coverage will remain in effect for all semesters in which I am enrolled for the 2023-2024 academic year.

International Students: All students are required to have health insurance, regardless of part-time/full-time status.

Nursing Students: All students are required to have health insurance, regardless of part-time/full-time status.

Full-time undergraduate students: Undergraduate students taking 9 or more credit hours are required to have health insurance.

**Students enrolled in Online Programs are not eligible to enroll in this insurance plan and do NOT have to submit a waiver.

Hours and Contact Information: The Health & Wellness office is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call the Health & Wellness office at 561.803.2576 or visit the PBA Health and Wellness website at https://www.pba.edu/campus-life/health-wellness/health-center.html. For medical or mental health emergencies after hours, call Campus Safety & Security at 561.803.2500 or call 911.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides confidential mental health services to traditional, daytime undergraduate students at no cost for up to six sessions per semester: A one-time consultation session is offered to Evening, Graduate, and Pharmacy students. The Counseling Center is staffed by two Licensed Mental Health Counselors, as well as Graduate Counseling Psychology Interns. Students seek assistance for a variety of reasons including: difficulty transitioning to college, depression, anxiety, relationship and family issues, disordered eating and body image concerns, abuse, spiritual concerns, identity issues, etc.

Counseling hours are Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For emergency assistance after hours, call Campus Safety and Security 561.803.2500 or call 911. For more information, call the Counseling Center at 561.803.2563 or email counseling_center@pba.edu.  

Orlando Campus Students: For information on local referrals for counseling services, please call 407-226-5955.


The mailroom is located in the Lassiter Student Center. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Saturday hours in effect during the regular Fall/Spring terms; the mailroom is closed Saturdays in May, June, July and August - resumes with Welcome Week Saturday.)

Mailroom personnel are available to assist with UPS, FedEx packages and USPS mail services with weighing and stamping of packages and letters. Shipping supplies such as boxes, envelopes, packing tape and bubble wrap are also available.

Sailfish Services

Sailfish Services offers students, parents and employees one central location to take care of many administrative needs. Here, students can go to accomplish the “business” of being in school such as payments, forms, and transcripts; faxing and scanning documents; network password troubleshooting; Free Notary Service; and account information look-up without running around campus.

Sailfish Services strives to provide Fast-Incredible-Service-Here (FISH). The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., in its convenient location at 900 S. Dixie Highway. Representatives may be reached at 561.803.2000 or sailfish_services@pba.edu.

  • Call Center: As the first point of contact for callers, Sailfish Services answers the main telephone numbers for the University including Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Admissions, and the Registrar’s Office.
  • Commencement: Sailfish Services assists with and provides information regarding commencement, graduation ticket purchase and regalia ordering.
  • Departmental Deposits: Sailfish Services processes deposits of monies collected by the various departments throughout the campus for deliver to the Business Office. Sailfish Services representatives serve as cashiers for the campus community accepting cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.
  • Faxing/Scanning: Sailfish Services will fax and scan documents for students for free. Students may also receive faxes at 561-803-2186 and they will be forwarded to the student’s PBA email.
  • Federal Work Study Payroll: Students may pick up their monthly Federal Work Study payroll checks in the conveniently located Sailfish Services office.
  • Financial Aid: Sailfish Services answers questions in regard to student financial aid awards.
  • Forms: At Sailfish Services students may pick up and/or return Change of Address/ Name/Phone/E-mail forms, and many other forms regarding academic requests, such as duplicate diploma orders.
  • General/Event Information: Sailfish Services answer questions regarding events on campus, provides driving directions and department sponsor contact information.
  • Network Password Reset: Sailfish Services can assist students and alumni with resetting their network password for accessing email and myPBA.
  • Notary Services: Sailfish Services provides this service for free to PBA students, guests and employees. All that is needed is a photo ID and the unsigned document that needs to be notarized.
  • PBACard Questions: Sailfish Services assists with placing money on students PBACard accounts and reviewing current balances. Commuter meal plans may also be purchased and added to PBACards.
  • Registration: Sailfish Services assists students with registration issues such as answering questions about the online registration process, explaining registration holds, and printing copies of schedules.
  • Student Account Payments: Sailfish Services accepts cash and check tuition payments to be deposited into student accounts. Tuition payments made with credit or debit cards must be submitted online at pba.afford.com.
  • Student Account Questions: Sailfish Services answers questions about student accounts and can print copies of bills. Students may also view their account details online at myPBA.
  • Transcripts: Students may request official and unofficial PBA transcripts at Sailfish Services. Official transcripts may also be ordered online at www.getmytranscript.com.

Student Accounts

Student Accounts is located on the first floor of Sachs Hall, to the right of the main entrance. Office personnel are available to assist students and parents with:

  • Addressing detailed student billing inquiries;
  • Arranging for use of approved monthly payment plans; and
  • Sending letters and answering questions regarding employer reimbursement programs.

Please see the Student Accounts - Financial Policies and Services  section of this catalog for more information.

First Year and Transfer Experience

The First Year and Transfer Experience (FYTE) office of Palm Beach Atlantic University offers a variety of onboarding and transitioning programs that provide incoming students with social and developmental resources needed for a successful college experience. FYTE facilitates the transition of undergraduate day students to college-life, making a successful first year possible through collaborations with faculty, staff, and peer-to-peer programs. First Year Advisors go beyond academics to help students create a solid foundation for a successful experience at PBA. 

FYTE provides the following programs:

  • Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) is a program for incoming students designed to assist with their transition to PBA. SOAR is offered through an on-campus orientation day as well as an online option. By participating in SOAR, students verify their registered coursework, meet faculty advisors and staff, and submit and confirm essential documentation. They also have the opportunity to meet with financial aid officers, residence hall directors, and a host of other university representatives.

  • First Year Seminar lays a foundation for successful transition to college by providing students with the opportunity to acquire essential skills that will enhance their social and academic integration. This is a one-credit required course of the General Education curriculum. Seminar instructors attend annual training workshops and a number of learning sessions throughout the semester, in order to better serve in their role. Additionally, the course is assisted by Peer Mentors – carefully selected and trained PBA Student Leaders who play an integral role in ensuring student success by mentoring their peers through the spiritual, emotional and social aspects of this transition.

  • Transfer Services are provided by the Transfer Advisor who assists undergraduate day students transferring to PBA from other institutions. Services for new transfer students include peer-to peer support though MAST (Mentors Assisting Sailfish Transfers), unofficial transcript evaluation, registration and degree planning, educational workshops and the Transfer Club.

Office of Academic and Accessibility Resources (OAAR)

The Office of Academic and Accessibility Resources (OAAR), consists of the Academic Writing Excellence (AWE), Academic Support, Disability Services, and the Propel Scholars programs.

Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) is intentional in its efforts to provide an array of academic support services and programs for its students. The purpose of these academic tools is to serve as an educational supplement for the student body; and this is realized in partnership with the assistance of faculty, students, and staff. The Office of Academic and Accessibility Resources, through its campus-based and online peer tutoring services, enrichment workshops, academic coaching, disability services, early alert and Propel Scholars Programs, provide the medium for the needed educational support. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students may schedule an appointment by calling 561.803.2063. 

Academic Writing Excellence

Academic Writing Excellence (formerly The Center for Writing Excellence and now a part of the Office of Academic and Accessibility Resources), is Palm Beach Atlantic University’s writing coaching service. Our motto is We exist to help emerging and skilled writers hone their craft. AWE is here to help with every stage of the writing process on any writing project. Meet with one of our peer coaches to improve your skills, your grade, and your writing confidence. 

AWE also serves faculty members who are looking for assistance with course descriptions, syllabi, dissertations, and articles for publication. Please reach out to awe@pba.edu for more info. 

To make an account on our online scheduler, click here! If you already have an account, click here to view the schedule. For more instructions and information, please click here to visit our website. 

Academic Support

Each student has a different learning style and to help meet the broad range of academic needs, the University provides a series of enrichment workshops, focusing on topics that are geared to help students with their transition into the college environment. Additionally, peer to peer support, academic coaching and a 24/7 online tutorial program are available for students.  Peer tutors are selected on the recommendations of faculty members, who teach in the various. To further enhance the classroom experiences, the University also identifies, through its early alert program, students who may benefit from early intervention and academic coaching. Through this student-engaged format, learning strategies are taught, the embracing one’s academic responsibility is encouraged, and assessments are made through a system of progress reporting. 

Propel Scholar Program (PSP)

This program, through its mentoring and academic accountability approaches, is designed to support undergraduate first-year students who are enrolled in both Reading and Writing English and College Pre-Algebra Mathematics courses. The Propel Scholar Program (formerly the Bridges Scholars Program) assists students to develop their spiritual, academic and social lives, through a directed curriculum, peer-led discussion groups, and one-on-one meetings with the advisor. The first involvement with Propel Scholars Program is by attending an August term, which serves as a pre-orientation program and an opportunity to earn college credits prior to the start of their fall semester. This allows Propel Students to have a lighter first semester credit- load which provides more time to pursue academic resources. 

Disability Services

Palm Beach Atlantic University adheres to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. The University considers each student at PBA a unique individual and the Disability Services office collaborates with faculty and departments across each campus, to provide approved accommodations for every enrolled student with special needs. In order to determine the appropriate accommodations, students are required to submit a professional assessment that legitimizes the request for accommodations and to complete the Disability Services application packet. It is the responsibility of the student seeking accommodations to self-advocate and seek assistance from the Office of Academic and Accessibility Resources.

Reasonable Accommodation Policy (Americans with Disabilities Act) 

The University seeks to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 as well as Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 by affording reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. Students who have questions about their entitlement to benefits or who have grievances under these statutes should contact The Office of Academic and Accessibility Resources (OAAR), by calling Call 561.803.2663, for an appointment with OAAR. 

Accommodations are not retroactive.


A Tradition of Service Since 1968: Workship is a distinctive community service program that responds to human needs with Christ-like action in the community and the world. Through community service, students can discern their vocation and develop a life-long habit of servant leadership. 

All daytime full-time undergraduate students must complete a minimum of 45 hours of volunteer work every academic year or 23 hours per semester. Volunteer work should be unpaid. Workship service hours are required to be completed working with a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, church, academic school, or US government organization. Although there are many valuable ways that students serve the Palm Beach Atlantic University community, Workship hours should be completed outside of the University, in the larger context of the local and global community.

Workship Department Resources

With over 200 community partners in Palm Beach County alone, the Workship Department’s goal is to assist students in finding volunteer opportunities that will help them in their vocational discernment and meeting the needs of the community. The Workship Department does this through one-on-one appointments with students, weekly service events, and large group service activities. If you have questions about the Workship requirement or need help connecting in the community, we are here to help you. Please contact the Workship Department at 561-803-2580 or Workship@pba.edu.


For more complete information on the Workship program and the requirements associated with the program, please visit the Navigator Student Handbook at https://my.pba.edu/ics.