May 23, 2024  
Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024 
Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Secondary Education Minor (Professional Training Option)

Location(s): West Palm Beach Campus (Day)

Professional Training Option - 25 Credit Hours

This minor is designed for students who seek secondary education teaching licensure. To be eligible for this minor, students must major in a content area for which a state licensure exam exists (see below). Students are required to meet all secondary education major requirements except student teaching. Program completers must pass all FTCE exams prior to graduation.

PBA’s Department of Education offers a secondary education minor that is accepted by the Florida Department of Education as a state-approved Professional Training Option (PTO). The minor is designed for secondary content majors who wish to complete an abbreviated program in education that leads to certification via an alternative route. The minor does not require the student teaching semester. Upon completion of an approved Florida PTO, including passing scores on three Florida Teacher Certification Exams, the student’s transcript will be endorsed “Completed Florida State-Approved Professional Training Option.” With this endorsement, the graduate is then eligible to apply to the Florida Department of Education for a temporary teaching certificate.

  1. Meet the following grade point averages at time of application:
    • Overall Coursework: 2.75 GPA
    • General Education: 2.75 GPA
    • Major Coursework: 3.00 GPA
    • Minor: 2.75 GPA
  2. Obtain Palm Beach County School District identification badge.
  3. Submit, at time of first screening, application evidence of passing scores on all sections of the General Knowledge exam.
  4. Submit, prior to graduation, evidence of passing scores on all sections of the Professional Education and Subject Area exams.
  5. Demonstrate psychological, emotional, and social stability in addition to a professional and positive attitude. 
  6. Update documentation of Florida Educator Accomplished Practices in electronic portfolio prior to the time of application.
  7. Complete first screening application when all criteria are met except PED and SAE scores.
  8. Schedule meeting with advisor to review and submit first screening packet by the appropriate deadline.
    • Fall Semester:
      • August - third day of the fall semester
      • October 15
    • Spring Semester:
      • January - third day of the spring semester
      • March 15
FTCE Subject Area Examinations:
  • Art, K-12
  • Biology, 6-12
  • Business Education, 6-12
  • Chemistry, 6-12
  • Computer Science, K-12
  • Elementary Education, K-6
  • English, 6-12
  • Journalism, 6-12
  • Mathematics, 6-12
  • Music, K-12
  • Physical Education, K-12
  • Physics, 6-12
  • Social Science, 6-12 (History/Political Science majors)