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Undergraduate Day Catalog 2020-2021 
Undergraduate Day Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Medicinal and Biological Chemistry with a Pharmaceutical Concentration, B.S.

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132 or 133 Credit Hours

This concentration takes the place of a minor (see Degrees )

General Education Requirements - 40 Credit Hours

Medicinal and Biological Chemistry majors must complete the Baccalaureate Degree Requirements  as set out in the General Education Program .

Microbiology Policy for Students Seeking Admission to the Gregory School of Pharmacy

  1. Transfer students, who are pursuing the B.S./Pharm.D program and who have lower level credit in microbiology, may choose to:
    1. Take the upper credit level microbiology course (BIO 3501 /BIO 3503 ) at Palm Beach Atlantic (preferred option) or
    2. Take one of the following upper level courses: Molecular Biology (BIO 3052 /BIO 3152 ) or Cell Biology (BIO 3101 /BIO 3103 ) or Genetics (BIO 3111 /BIO 3113 ) or Biochemistry II (CHM 3311 /CHM 3313 ) or Virology (BIO 4013 ).
  2. Transfer students in the Two Year Pre-Pharmacy Program who have prior lower level credit in microbiology may use it to meet the pre-requisite of the Gregory School of Pharmacy.
  3. All other students and transfer students without prior microbiology course credit will take Microbiology (BIO 3501 /BIO 3503 ). This requirement may not be met by transient study.

Required Mathematics Courses - 4 Credit Hours

An Additional Pharmacy Requirement - 3 Credit Hours

Required Pharmacy Courses - 32 Credit Hours

Please refer to the Graduate & Pharmacy Catalog for course descriptions.

  • PRX 1101 - Servant Leadership I
  • PRX 1103 - Principles of Drug Action I
  • PRX 1114 - Pharmaceutics
  • PRX 1123 - Integrated Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology I
  • PRX 1132 - Drug Information
  • PRX 1133 - Communication Skills in Healthcare
  • PRX 1142 - Pharmacy Calculations
  • PRX 1181 - Critical Pharmacy Knowledge I
  • PRX 1203 - Principles of Drug Action II
  • PRX 1211 - Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience I - Community Operations
  • PRX 1213 - Pharmacokinetics
  • PRX 1222 - Clinical Laboratory and Physical Assessment
  • PRX 1223 - Integrated Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology II
  • PRX 1243 - Public Health, Medication Safety, and Disease Prevention
  • PRX 1251 - Drug Delivery Systems Compounding Lab
  • PRX 1261 - Critical Pharmacy Knowledge II


*Required Pre-Professional Courses

None of the 3000-4000 level courses in the major may be taken by transient credit.

Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in the undergraduate portion and the pharmacy portion of the major to graduate with the BS degree in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry with a Pharmaceutical Concentration. Students also must complete all courses in the major (both at the undergraduate level and in the Gregory School of Pharmacy) with a grade of C- or above.

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