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Undergraduate Day Catalog 2020-2021 
Undergraduate Day Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Palm Beach Atlantic University offers majors that lead to the master’s and bachelor’s degrees. Baccalaureate degree offerings include the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Music, the Bachelor of Science, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the Bachelor of General Studies. Requirements for each major are described within this Catalog under the section for the particular school in which the major is offered. Evening and Graduate programs are described in their respective Catalogs.

Undergraduate Day Major and Minor Requirements

Each student selects one major and one minor, two major fields of study, or an area major. Under option one, the major and minor may not be in the same discipline. Specific requirements for majors, minors, and area majors are listed at the beginning of the course descriptions for the departments of instruction. Students must declare the major and minor fields selected no later than the beginning of the junior year. Courses in which grades below “C-” have been earned are not acceptable toward either a major or minor, including required allied and prerequisite courses.

Some departments offer concentrations or specializations that may be employed to complete the minor requirement, but may be open only to students who have completed particular major fields of study. A student should consult the Catalog or his or her faculty advisor regarding the viability of selecting a concentration or specialization to fulfill the minor requirement. Degree plans at the end of each program of study in this Catalog are suggested sequencing of courses for each major; they may not be appropriate for every individual in every circumstance. Students should consult their Academic Advisor for a personalized plan.

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Other Programs