May 23, 2024  
Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024 
Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Theological Studies, B.A.

Location(s): West Palm Beach Campus (Day)

120 Credit Hours

The Theological Studies major at Palm Beach Atlantic University provides an in-depth study of the Christian theology. You will explore Scripture and other theological sources, major theologians and traditions, in order to learn how to theologically reason and develop your own theological voice. The major in theological studies is designed to help you ask and respond to important questions about how to think and live Christianly today. It is a gateway to graduate studies, or to vocations inside and outside of the church.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze and synthesize major works of Christian theology for the sake of retrieval.
  2. Analyze and synthesize the doctrines of the Christian faith using key theological convictions, habits, and strategies undergirding the task of theology.
  3. Analyze and interpret biblical texts with theological awareness and in conversation with the history of Christian interpretation.
  4. Appropriate the spiritual/formational insights of Christian theology from both historical and emerging voices in personal and social contexts.

Graduation Requirements

Conferral of a Baccalaureate degree in this program of study is determined by successful completion of the Baccalaureate Graduation Requirements outlined here .

NOTE: Students must earn 42 upper level (3000-4000) credit hours in order to graduate. A total of at least 21 of these upper level credit hours must be completed in the selected major.

Visit this program’s information page  for additional program-specific requirements.

Faith, Roots, and Reason (General Education) Requirements - 43 Credit Hours

The Faith, Roots, and Reason (General Education) Global Studies requirement is fulfilled through another course in this major. Only 40 of the 43 credit hours of the Faith, Roots, and Reason (General Education) program will still be required for the completion of this program.

As part of the remaining 40 credit hours of Faith, Roots, and Reason (General Education) requirements, students must elect to complete  MLS 4063 - Church in Society  from the Social Science menu.

Theological Studies Major - 42 Credit Hours

School of Ministry Core Courses - 18 Credit Hours

School of Ministry Theology Courses - 9 Credit Hours

  • THL 3113 - Theological Reasoning
  • THL 4313 - Doctrine of God
  • THL 4613 - Doctrine of Redemption

Language - 6 Credit Hours

  • French, German, Spanish, Greek, or Hebrew

Directed Electives - 9 Credit Hours

  • THL 4013 Topics in Theology (can be repeated up to 3x with a different topic/theologian)
  • With advisor approval, 6 hrs from any APL, BIB, MLS, or ICS courses
  • With advisor or instructor; approval, up to 6hrs, of the following courses:
    • THL 5033 - Christian Ehtics
    • THL 6003 - Special Theologians
    • THL 6133 - Latin American Theology
    • THL 6163 - Theology Topics

Note: THL majors are required to complete MLS 4063 - Church in Society  to satisfy their Faith, Roots, and Reason Social Science elective

Additional Required Credit Hours - 38 Credit Hours

These additional hours may be fulfilled by a minor, second major, general electives taken concurrently, previous coursework taken at PBA or through transfer credits.

Sample Degree Plan

Theological Studies Degree Plan  


No more than one-third of a student’s required credits for a major or a minor in the School of Ministry may come from transfer or transient credits.

Students seeking early graduate admission (EGA) to PBA’s Master of Divinity or M.Div./MBA Degree must meet all the requirements for their School of Ministry major, in addition to completing the Faith, Roots, and Reason core for all majors. For students accepted for EGA, up to thirty-five (35) graduate hours can be applied toward the completion of the B.A. degree.